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Dodó's Art

Dodó: Uncornis

Welcome to Dodó's World, where you can
Stroll in the Garden of Secrets,
Refresh yourself with Smiling Buds,
Enjoy the humour of Garden Folks,
Swim with Water Fairies,
Fly with Angels and
Experience magic and find your peace of mind...

Lean back in your armchair and let your imagination loose!
Have fun !

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Dodó and the Enviroment

Dodó: Roots and Shoots

Beeing a dedicated lover of animals and the nature, I have decided to extend my homepage. Mankind makes enormous devastation and spread vaste all over our unique Planet Earth. The more information I collect, the more I understand how urgent it is to do something. There is a lot of information available on this subject and internet gives superb possibility to share information with others. I decided to fight in my way with the help of my art and heart.

"Every individual makes a difference"
Dr. Jane Goodall

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Dodó szignó

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